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Rooftop Sprinkler System

Roof sprinkler system One Link of many in the "chain of wildfire survival"

EMBER-S-GUARD™ Rooftop Sprinkler System

EMBER-S-GUARD™ Rooftop Sprinkler system - One Link of many in the "chain of wildfire survival" and fire prevention. EMBER-S-GUARD™ SPRINKLER SYSTEM IS A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TOOL TO HELP SURVIVE A WILDFIRE – TOGETHER WITH DEFENSIBLE SPACE AND OTHER fire protection equipment, YOUR HOME WILL HAVE A MUCH BETTER CHANCE OF SURVIVAL! Ember-S-Guard Sprinkler systems are a temporary fire suppression system, they are not designed to put out a fire, but help prevent ignition. visite us @

Rooftop Sprinkler

 Built to last –  no plastic parts!  Ember-Sprinkler-Guard™(ESG) - is the one of the most effective & efficient tool to protect your property from wildfire ember attack.

Embersguard™ rooftop sprinkler system

Embersguard™ system is designed to wet the rooftop of a building and a portion of the surrounding grounds to help prevent ignition of the building. This multipurpose portable tool can also be used as irrigation for garden and lawns, as well as cooling your roof (or misting your patio), and as an entertainment for kids on a hot days of summer.